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The Claims Process

We believe that a client that is informed and kept up to date has a better understanding of the process and will therefore find the experience less stressful.  Here are the steps that go into the insurance repair process:

Step 4: Installation

Once your new parts arrive we begin installing them.

Step 5: Prep and Paint

All parts are prepped and painted to match the exact color of your your vehicle using your color code and our electronic color matching system.  We can adjust for the age of the vehicle and get an exact color match.

Step 6: Finishing

All mouldings and finishings are reinstalled and all final touches are made to the vehicle. 

Step 7: Mechanical Repairs

If there are any mechanical issues that occured from the accident, the car is handed over to our in-house mechanic to proceed with the repair. 

Step 8: Final Prep

The car is cleaned and washed inside and out and prepped for final delivery.

Step 9: One Last Look

Our shop manager and our quality control manager both give a one last look to make sure the care is perfect before contact you to let know you know your care is ready and respects our checklist.

Step 1: Estimate

An estimator assigned by your insurance company will arrange an appointment to either come to the body shop or your home depending on the driveability of the vehicle are to assess the damages.

Step 2: Disassembly

A written estimate is then sent to us which allows us to begin the parts ordering process. We begin dismantling the car and any parts which the estimator missed are set for authorization to your insurance company. Once the estimate has been adjusted and authorize order those missing parts.

Step 3: Structural Repairs

We begin repairing any structural damage if needed.

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